Cathy Mauk has been a consultant, facilitator and coach since 1994. She is based in Canberra with clients across Australia.  


As a consultant Cathy has provided

  • review and evaluation
  • analysis
  • planning
  • change management
  • advisory services

to executive levels of management across the Australian Public Sector, state governments, not-for-profit and private sectors and internationally.

She is well regarded for her ability to synthesise information and for her conceptual thinking.


Workshop Facilitation has been a key business focus for the past 8 years.  Hundreds of individuals have participated in workshops Cathy has designed and led on:

  • leadership and management
  • team dynamics
  • self awareness
  • having difficult conversations
  • emotional intelligence
  • managing change
  • strategic thinking
  • strategic and business planning

She is recognised as an engaging, pragmatic and insightful facilitator.


Coaching was originally a natural adjunct to consulting and facilitation.  But through her years of working with people, Cathy has come to realise that her most rewarding work is supporting people to define and live their own version of a meaningful life.

She is a perceptive, empathetic and creative coach who helps her clients discover and capitalise on the best in themselves.

Her coaching clients have included leaders and emerging leaders from a range of fields, including: government, environment, children’s services, academia, health care, disability, technology, law, law enforcement, and science.

Her coaching clients also include individuals in the middle of life and career transitions, those interested in exploring what gives their lives meaning, and those in the arts who want support for their creative projects and lifestyle.

Cathy brings an eclectic mix of skills and expertise, a commitment to creativity and an abundance of life experience to her work with people.

In addition to nearly 20 years as a consultant, facilitator and coach, she draws on her diverse background as a:

  • lawyer
  • senior leader
  • business owner
  • university lecturer and tutor
  • health professional
  • board member and
  • writer

Her formal credentials include:

  • Juris Doctor (Law), USA, (Member of the Washington State Bar Association)
  • Master of Science, USA
  • Bachelor of Science, USA
  • Candidate for certification and Member of the Creativity Coach Association
  • Graduate of the Core Essentials Coach Training Program Coach U
  • Member of the International Coach Federation (certification pending)
  • Certificate in Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, The Trillium Group

Cathy’s clients have come from such organisations as ACT Government • Attorney General’s Department • Australian Federal Police • Australian National University • Australian Sports Commission • Canberra Rape Crisis Centre • Commonwealth Ombudsman • Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries • Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy • Department of Climate Change • Department of Defence •  Department of Education, Employment and Workforce Relations • Department of the Environment • Department of Families, Housing and Community Services and Indigenous Affairs • Department of Health and Ageing • Department of Immigration and Citizenship • Fair Work Ombudsman • Family Day Care Australia • Greening Australia • Koomarri • Murray Darling Basin Authority • National Archives of Australia • National Health and Medical Research Council • Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Cathy has been coaching me for close to four years now. In that time I have been promoted to SES Band 2 and gained a real sense of confidence in my own leadership style. I find her very perceptive. She has an approach that is pragmatic and principle based, but also adapted/receptive to my way of thinking. I recommend her to those of you who want to take fuller advantage of your own attributes, without resorting to endless interpretation of psychological assessment tools. I have learnt new things from her. She has challenged me to think positively about my behaviour, leadership style, approaches and strengths; rather than just giving me the answers. She has equipped me to have a fresh approach to negative patterns of behaviour and apply constructive frameworks to issues.
SES Band 2 in the Australian Public Service

I worked with Cathy for 6 months via phone and email creative coaching sessions at a point where I was trying to find creative direction. Her sessions were nurturing and very directed at the same time. She had the ability to read between the lines and pinpoint exactly what I couldn’t seem to put in words, or wasn’t brave enough to. She easily moved between creative coaching and personal coaching when that was required and from my perspective, I am ever grateful for the time she spent doing just that. Cathy has the ability to gently peel back the layers so that you start to uncover exactly where the blockages lie in your creative endeavours and each session is concluded with a task to work on. Aside from the personal development, she also assisted me with techniques for writers’ block and a myriad of excellent resources to assist with writing. I highly recommend Cathy if you find you’re at a creative crossroads, because what comes out of it can be a whole lot more than what you think you are searching for.
A writer, actor and stand up comic

I have worked with Cathy Mauk since September 2011. Cathy has a wonderful working persona, part wise and part empathic, that has helped provide the structure and space for me grow as a leader and manager. She quickly connects with whatever situation I present, helping me to flesh out the key elements and her questioning helps me to develop different ways to think and approach situations. She has also imparted specific skills and freely shared resources that have helped me to manage complex or intense situations more effectively, create sound staff structures and processes, and lead with more confidence.
Senior Manager in a sport industry

Cathy’s assistance has been pivotal as I have started the transition to the SES. She fitted me in at short notice and has made me feel comfortable with the process. Her coaching skills helped me as we worked together through my career plans and then my applications. The significant improvements that resulted from this work led to my successful shortlisting for two SES Band 1 roles in quick succession. We then worked on interview skills and practiced the most probable interview questions. Without a doubt this was the most useful sessions I have had, as demonstrated by the fact that I was then successfully merit listed for those roles. I would highly recommend spending some time with Cathy if you are looking for assistance with applications and interview coaching.
EL2 in the Australian Public Service

Although I had some experience in the job application and interview process, I sought Cathy’s help when a significant position became available. Cathy’s coaching in preparing me for the screening and final interviews was invaluable. She identified weaknesses in my presentation, suggested approaches to arguing my case and offered strategies to handle difficult questions. Her mentoring was carefully tailored to build on my style and strengths, rather than to try and force me into a jacket that didn’t fit. Her assessment of the issues that might be raised in interview was spot on, and the role playing interview preparation very beneficial. As a result, I was very comfortable, relaxed and confident throughout the interview process.
SES Band 2 in the Australian Public Service

I have been fortunate to participate in and observe the approach Cathy takes in facilitating and coaching a national group, where trust was low and skills to engage with one another were compromised. Cathy brought her compassion, guidance, persistence and sense of humour to take this group from non-functioning to a meaningful, purposeful group of people working together for a common cause. Cathy built on our strengths and used many strategies to reflect each participant in the space, providing a strong theoretical foundation to inform practice and development. I have learnt so much for my own development. The experience is one that I will not forget and will be forever thankful that I had an opportunity to work with Cathy.
Executive Manager not-for profit sector

In all my dealings with Cathy I have found her to be insightful and considered in her thinking, with an ability to synthesise unfamiliar and complex information. She works extremely effectively at both a conceptual as well as a practical level, and is very reliable in delivering results. She readily establishes rapport and gains the trust of staff with her authentic and calm manner.
SES Band 2 in the Australian Public Service