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Cathy Mauk is a writer who understands the challenges of the creative personality and the struggle to live a creative life. She also knows how integrally linked creativity and meaning are in one’s life. She is a trained and experienced coach and is specifically trained in creativity coaching. Creativity Support is available in a small group setting with like-minded creatives or at a one-on-one individual level.

Always this energy smoulders inside; When it remains unlit The body fills with dense smoke
David Whyte

Whether your creative outlet is painting, writing, design, dance, photography, sculpting, performance, composing, inventing, building an enterprise, Creativity Coaching can help you honour your creative impulses and support you in your creative practice.

In one-on-one coaching sessions Cathy Mauk, works with you to:

  • clarify your goals for creating
  • confront what gets in the way: self-doubt, anxiety, fear of failure, time management and self-talk
  • move from wishing → to intending → to action
  • cultivate positive obsessions
  • manage resistance and continue to create in the middle of things
  • make courageous decisions that will allow you to maintain a creative life
  • hold onto your dream
  • develop resilience
  • maintain momentum

Please contact Cathy to organise a confidential initial meeting to discuss your creativity coaching needs.

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Has your writing project turned into a trip up Mt Agony? Are there not enough hours in the day? Do you wish you had decided to be a plumber rather than a writer? Perhaps you don’t trust the value of your work. Maybe you’re just plain stuck.
Why not join a writers’ support group?
With a small group of committed writers you can:

  • get started
  • regain and keep your momentum
  • stop your self-defeating internal dialogue
  • understand and break down resistance
  • gain confidence
  • learn self-compassion and self-kindness
  • get your mojo workin’

This is not a writing workshop. A writers’ support group is a safe environment where you can support and be supported by those who are on a similar journey, generate mental energy, clarify your goals, hold yourself accountable, and find inspiration. Writers’ support groups are open to writers at all levels, all genres.

Please contact Cathy to discuss your writing support needs or to set up a group.

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Creativity Support Groups help creative people get their creative work done while living in the real world!
Creativity support groups are for active creators, would be creators and blocked creators who are thinking about, at the beginning of, restarting or in the middle of a creative endeavour and would benefit from the support of others dealing with similar challenges.
Creativity Support Groups are designed to:

  • help you clarify what creating means in your life
  • help you define a creativity goal/project and develop a plan
  • hold you accountable for meeting your milestones
  • support you to keep going while life goes on around you
  • provide a safe and confidential environment for you to discuss fears, anxieties, doubts, blockages and other obstacles
  • encourage you to honour your work
  • help you build an ongoing network and support base with other creators

Please contact Cathy to discuss your creativity support needs.

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