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A workshop about living with purpose 

The tragedy of life is not death; rather it is what we allow to die within us while we live.
Joseph Campbell

Life is easier on cogs than on independent souls.
Eric Maisel

Meaning comes from deciding to matter not from wishing you could find a meaningful life.  It is totally subjective and must be a conscious decision.  It has to do with an inner necessity to manifest your potential (whatever that may be), to live with purpose.  It is fuelled by passion, intention and perseverance.

Deciding to matter requires you to:

  • stop playing it safe and face meaning ‘square in the eye’
  • take responsibility for your own joy and contentment
  • ignite your imagination: welcome the new, the unpredictable, the unfamiliar
  • make courageous choices and let go of the idea that there is a ‘perfect choice’
  • allow hope and fear to coexist
  • concentrate your energy
  • develop resilience

Meaning and Mattering is designed to help you:

  • reconnect with and nurture what is deepest and best in yourself
  • clarify what living with purpose means to you
  • recognise the filters you put on your thinking and your imagination
  • define and plan how you intend to go forward
  • understand and manage resistance
  • deal with fear, anxiety and doubt
  • develop the courage to live every aspect of your life in a way that honours your commitment to meaning and mattering

You may also be interested in our individual Career Coaching and Transition Coaching, our Creativity Coaching and our Creativity Support Groups

A workshop for those who want to get some serious traction with their creative projects

Let yourself be drawn by the strange pull of what you really love, it will not lead you astray.

If creating is how you make meaning in your life, and If you want to honour your need to do creative work that is deep and worthy than these workshops can help you.

Suit up and Show up can support you to:

  • hold out a large vision
  • define and commit to a specific creative project
  • get honest with yourself about your resistance
  • put creativity first
  • develop courage and perseverance
  • identify the path forward

Suit up and Show up is a two-day workshop during which you will:

  • get specific about and reality test your creativity aspirations
  • set an explicit goal and break it into manageable ‘chunks’
  • develop a plan of action
  • explore your fears, anxieties and doubts (FADs) and learn to work in spite of them
  • become an expert at recognising your avoidance behaviours
  • learn to manage your self limiting internal narratives
  • redefine what success means
  • explore the choices you will need to make in order to maintain a creative life
  • build a support base

You may find that the workshop is enough to kick-start or reinvigorate your project and keep you moving forward.  But we also know that despite the best intentions, you can lose your zeal when ‘real life’ takes over.  If after the workshop you feel you would like further support, individual Creativity Coaching or Creativity Support Groups are an option.  They are also an alternative to the workshop for those who prefer to work one-on-one or with a small group of people involved in the same creative endeavour.