The following workshops have been designed and facilitated by Cathy Mauk and have been refined based on participant feedback to deliver the best results.  Any workshop can be adapted to meet your specific needs.  Cathy works with you to understand your unique situation and to create a program to meet your objectives. Participants leave workshops with clear actions for moving forward. Programs may also be paired with individual and group coaching as well as profiling.   Workshops include:

This one-day workshop assists participants to:

  • develop insights into their preferences, strengths, and motivational factors;
  • determine the extent of alignment with their current work;
  • explore options for achieving better alignment; and
  • initiate an action plan.

The workshop may be done in conjunction with individual profiling of strengths and preferences and often includes one-on-one and group coaching to support individuals in achieving their goals. See Career Coaching and Transition Coaching.

This program usually begins with an online assessment of each participant using a trait based emotional intelligence instrument, followed by a one-on-one debrief with the facilitator (a workshop can also be designed without the instrument). Participants then come together for a one day workshop.

Upon completion of the program, participants will have:

  • a solid grounding in emotional intelligence skills and their application in the workplace;
  • an understanding of the implications of their own EI strengths and development areas, and
  • an individually tailored plan for enhancing development areas.

One-on-one coaching to assist with developing and applying emotional intelligence skills is also available.  See Executive Coaching.

In every life situation, being resilient is a conscious decision. This one-day workshop assists you to develop the resiliency skills that will help you

  • manage the unrelenting pressures you are confronted with day to day;
  • thrive in the workplace despite constant and disruptive change;
  • bounce back and regain confidence after a failure or setback;
  • become more flexible; or
  • make significant life transitions.

Through this program you will:

  • explore your attitudes, beliefs and values and how they have generated habitual ways of thinking that shape your ability to cope;
  • learn how to shift from emotion-focused coping to problem-focused coping and apply new problem solving skills;
  • make conscious choices about how you will interact with what goes on in the world;
  • practice techniques to assist in developing a stronger inner self; and
  • develop a concrete individual plan to optimise your health and wellbeing.

One-on-one coaching to assist with applying Resilience skills is also available.  See Executive Coaching

Using current best practice methodologies, this one day workshop is designed to provide participants with specific tools to enhance communication, feedback, negotiation and conflict resolution skills, as well as practical experience using each of the tools and techniques.

Cathy has delivered this workshop numerous times as a module in leadership and management residential programs.  ‘Having Difficult Communications’ has consistently been identified by participants as one of the most valuable aspects of the programs.  It is also a workshop that can be integrated with Emotional Intelligence in a single workshop.

Team dynamics workshops can address team issues at any level of the ‘forming, storming, norming or performing’ continuum.  Cathy has particular expertise in working with dysfunctional teams as well as team design.  She is also able to provide mediation/dispute resolution for extreme breakdowns in communication between team members.  Useful adjuncts to the team workshops are team profiling, such as the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument, assessment of team function/dysfunction, or in situ observation of teams in the workplace.  For teams going through transitions and major change initiatives, Resilience training can also be incorporated into team workshops.

The Reflective Leadership workshop explores the ‘who’ of leadership rather than the ‘how’ because we believe that the extent to which you understand who you are directly impacts how you lead.  The workshop can be designed as a one or two-day workshop depending on the inclusion of elements from other workshops above or profiling instruments.

In the workshop participants will explore:

  • values, character and motivation
  • what has shaped them as a leader and continues to influence their behaviour
  • the impact they want to have as a leader
  • their unique style – how it works for them, how it gets in their way, whether they are using it to its full potential
  • relationships with and perceptions of peers
  • the importance of artistry in leadership (independent, creative and flexible thinking)
  • what would make them a remarkable leader
  • how they want to lead going forward

Individuals may also find our individual Executive Coaching useful in supporting them to make the leadership changes they commit to.